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Last updated Friday 7th of June

Friday 7th of June: added another pic showcasing 3 different bugs. check it out!

later: added a screenshot of the very common building bug
Thursday 6th of June: linked all the clips. I would really apreciate it if somebody very *nice* could pack over a couple of shots (preferably in .JPG or .JPEG) so i can put them up. remember all sent information is property of the SENDER not ME im not an asshole. so please, do it for bz2 :P
Wednesday 5th of june: added those "clips" and im tryin to link them
later that day: added another shot of a menu screen bug.
Monday 3rd of June: finished public "beta" of my site. still need to make thumbnails and quicklinks to down on the page. ne help would b apreciated.
Sunday 2nd of June: started the webpage in hopes of finishing it